Center for Holy Book Finance

Center for Holy Book Finance helps organizations, businesses, and institutions deepen their financial literacy in terms of the Holy Books through consulting.

Three Reasons to Hire Center for Holy Book Finance

The Concept

Introduce the concept of Holy Book Finance into your organization, business, or academic institution.

New Products

Introduce new products based on the financial concepts found in the Holy Books.

Faith-Based Finance

Gain a fresh angle or perspective on faith-based finance, banking, and economics.

Half an Hour Zoom Consultation, In-person meeting in Palo Alto, and Annual Event beginning in 2024

Holy Book Finance is a movement inclusive of Muslims, Christians, and Jewish to revise the economy for a better and brighter future by incorporating principles of the Book into finance, economics, and banking. It is a movement of peace as it calls all of the people of the Book to work together in a concerted effort for the cause of Holy Book Finance. Each faith can contribute what they know about faith-based finance, economics, and banking for a collective effort in producing a more fair and just economy and livable world. In a time of war and banking crises, it is more important than ever to focus on unity rather than division.

In the News

Center for Holy Book Finance LLC announces its inaugural event at the El Prado Hotel in Palo Alto, CA, USA

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